Hypercom Introduces Next Generation Mobile Payment Product

Hypercom mobile Terminal M5000

Sets new benchmark for high-performance, mobile payment systems geared for the future

PARIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- CARTES & IDentification 2010--Hypercom Corporation (NYSE:HYC - News) today introduced the M5000 mobile payment terminal, the next generation multipurpose mobile payment system whose futureproof features will protect the investments of a broad spectrum of merchants worldwide, from hotels and restaurants to taxis and delivery companies.

“Merchants demand payment products that not only expedite the secure transmission of vital transaction data, but also serve as a platform to deliver value-added services to customers, independent of location,” said William Rossiter, Vice President, Global Marketing, Hypercom Corporation. “With our M5000 mobile payment system, we introduce the second in a series of products that run on our next generation platform, include our industry-leading security, deliver the latest features and technology for the lowest total cost of ownership, and thus will enable merchants to deliver new services to their customers today, and well into the future.”

Building on innovations incorporated in its sought-after L5000 multilane product family, Hypercom’s new M5000 is a sleek in-hand mobile payment system with a vibrant 3.5” color icon-capable touch screen display that enables new ways to interact with the cardholder. The most up-to-date mobility, communications and connectivity options available and an integrated contactless reader let merchants accept any type of card payment anywhere, anytime. Initially supporting GPRS and Bluetooth connectivity, the first M5000 configurations are ideally suited to the needs of hotels, cafés and restaurants, as well as mobile merchants.

Hypercom’s new M5000 mobile payment system is powered by a 266 MHz standard, 400 MHz optional processor, and includes up to 500MB of memory. The processor combined with a touch screen can drive any payment or non-payment application imaginable with a stunning user interface, such as icon-based integration with inventory management or menu ordering systems. Additionally, the M5000 includes a software development toolkit that will maximize development efficiency and applications portability across the entire Hypercom next generation portfolio.

The new M5000 delivers the same unprecedented levels of security as the company’s revolutionary L5000 multilane payment system. It is designed to meet current and future PCI PTS, EMV, ZKA, APACS, JTMS and other global and country-specific security requirements, and features the payment industry’s widest array of high security data encryption technologies. Unlike competitor products, Hypercom’s full X509 Public Key Infrastructure HyperSafe® security layer is also directly embedded in these terminals to protect them and their applications from hacking and malware attacks. All systems also incorporate Hypercom’s HyperSafe Remote Key System for quick and secure payment terminal key injection at the merchant’s location.

“By bringing to market futureproof systems like the L5000 and M5000, we safeguard our customers’ investments in the fast changing world of payment acceptance and open the door for customers to generate revenue with value-added services, even without payment,” said Mr. Rossiter.

The M5000 pilots begin in the spring and summer of 2011.