Home Match for D'art Design

The D’art Design’s seventh appearance at the EuroShop 2011 has successfully come to an end. The team surprised visitors with five architectonic metaphors for situations taken from the everyday life of D’art Design.

Managing director Dieter Wolff, explains: “If the interactive-playful aspect preponderated in our past stands, this time the creation of a stringent communication thread was the objective. We put this approach into practice with a scenic, staccato-like space sequence that offered enough free space for own interpretations, but also enough tools to discuss our range of services in depth in the context of the EuroShop.”

Since 1993 the EuroShop has been the criterion for D’art for its own work. The fair appearance is already yielding fruit: “Our guests‘ resonance was consistently positive. That manifested itself not only in talks that we had with our guests during the fair. We also arranged concrete agency presentations and briefing appointments during and after the EuroShop”, Dieter Wolff sums up.