Changzhou Hawk Display Appliance Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Hawk becomes the pioneer exporter

In May 2003, the establishment of Hawk (China) Display Appliance Manufacture Co., Ltd. enhance our vision and mission of making Chinese brand products in the world. After several years’ exploration and innovation, Hawk becomes the pioneer exporter of exhibits in China. We keeps creating miracles at an amazing speed to show ourselves at most professional display exhibitions all over the world. In 10 years, Hawk has invested more than 2 million dollars in attending exhibitions and “Hawk” brand becomes famous in the international market.

The development of Hawk can not be seperated from , every saltant success belongs with . In 2002, the founder of Hawk, Mr. Xiaoqiu SUN went to Germany, participating in the advertising professional group tour for the biggest tradeshow in advertising and retailing business. The advanced design and user-friendly application scheme on exhibits were deeply impressed and broaden the outlook of his future career. He discovered the portable exhibits should have a huge market opportunity. After this journey, Mr. Xiaoqiu SUN orients Hawk ‘s development direction. Then Hawk develops a linking with , which accompanies its growth. Hawk forms its own products and service with individuality by sucking market information from .

The technological innovation is the power source of an enterprise. The Chinese name of a renowned portable exhibits - Roll-up Banner Stand was named as “Yi La Bao” in China by Mr. SUN in 2001, He also invented the X-Banner, Electric Rolling Banner,Top selling Water Drop Roll-up, Linked Roll-up Banner System. With these inventions, Hawk started its first show in , the booth is 36 square meters. This show brought Hawk many orders with total amount more than 3 million dollars, meanwhile, Hawk products were well recognized by most customers.

In early 2006, Hawk Display had already bring-in the 3D Image Printer which applied to product development. Hawk Display spent millions of molding expenses for product improvement. Nowadays, Hawk currently occupies 4 product Patents (2 German Patents, 1 US Patent and 1 European Patent).We had CE Authentication Compliance in foreign countries, 116 Compliance in Mainland China. In 2013, an additional of 17 Authentication Compliance has already applied. With so many patents, Hawk became more confident and attended again in 2008, the booth is 75 square meters. Besides getting more orders, we even established several distributors and agents, the formation of a continuable sales channel comes true. We got know more customers’ actual needs of exhibits.

In 2011, the 17th , Hawk’s booth enlarged to 96 square meters after the success in last 2 exhibition experience. High-grade, lavishly booth designation catched all the customers’ eyes, which made Hawk outstanding in many exhibitors. In the same year, the annual sales of Hawk broke through 16 million dollars.

Hawk Display pays great attention to the brand positioning. We have already formed 1 Plus 4 Brand positioning. The 1st brand is Hawk Display, the reliable leader of luxury roll up, the 4 are namely 1. ExhiLite, Leader in Aluminum Tubercular Display System/Exhibits; 2. TF-Frame, Light-box DIY in minutes; 3. ExpoPrink , Your neighboring store for professional digital printing 4. Hawkeshow, a chained exhibition service for small enterprise. The 1 Plus 4 are easily identified that makes our clients easy to follow.

With Professional brands and products, Hawk will continue to attend the 18th . Our booth will be bigger, 116 square meter. We add the elements of “novel, fashion and upscale” to make our idea of portable, light exhibits open and shut. We believe we will get more success in this time.

Nowadays, Hawk has projected a blueprint for its future development. A total area of 20,000 sq.meter production plant will be launched in 2014. It signifies the commitment of Hawk’s vision and mission for “Hundred Years of Hawk “. We appreciate the companion from on our forwarding road, we also wish our cooperation with be continuous and passionate.

Finally, we anticipate hawk can fly higher and higher in clear blue sky with the mutual development of !