HappyOrNot Ltd

HappyOrNot Ltd. Exhibitor & Keynote Speaker

HappyOrNot Ltd., stated by DailyFinance as 'one of the coolest things of Retail's Big Show in 2013!' exhibitor and keynote speaker at Euroshop 2014, Düsseldorf, Germany, 16th-20th February 2014.

The most effective and hottest worldwide solution to ensure your daily customer satisfaction will feature at the leading retail show Euroshop in Düsseldorf, Germany. We will have our Exhibit set up at booth 70B20.

In addition to being an Exhibitor, we are also giving a Keynote speech Monday, 17 February at 15:00, topic: “An Easy Tool to Track a Very Important KPI: Customer Satisfaction (Dixons, Carrefour, Delhaize)” presented by Mr. Todd Theisen, Director of Sales, Global, HappyOrNot Ltd.

“I´m sure that most of the visitors of the show do know the fact that their customer satisfaction and reputation makes them either fly or die. If it is a die, the death is not quick and gracious, it is slow and agonizing,” tells Erno Syvalähti, Territory Director, HappyOrNot Ltd.

“All of them are not yet aware that we provide retail businesses with a solution that turns customer service and customer satisfaction into a measurable ratio, a key performance indicator - as it always should have been. It is a combination of an award-winning, self-standing, customer satisfaction smiley meter and an intelligent, state of the art, cloud based reporting system.

Leading European retailers like Carrefour, Delhaize, Dixons Retail and many more are already using HappyOrNot as a standard daily operational tool.

How do we do that?

  • By making the feedback easy and quick enough for the busy shopper. Shoppers answer the important question by pressing the relative smiley button.

  • By technically NOT compromising things that would make it harder for the retail businesses to start to use our service

  • By realizing that everyone in the client organisation contributes to the results and successes (not just top management) and providing the motivating and easy-to-understand presentation of the results, continuously.

If you have any reservations about its effectiveness, just ask our hundreds of client companies and their thousands of service locations and staff that gets motivated to improve their customer experience and business each day with the help of tens of thousands of daily customer feedbacks!

Our mission is to have the people in the service location buy the concept as much as the top management does - it is the only way to get everyone on board and be committed to the common mission - to improve the service experience.

We warmly welcome all the retailers at Euroshop to meet and greet our great team and to hear how to easily and quickly get the HappyOrNot trial started in their organisation.”

HappyOrNot is currently being used by over 300 retail and service chain organizations across 30 countries. Our clients include Dixons Retail, IKEA, Carrefour, MIGROS, OBI and several other international and global industry leaders. Please visit www.happy-or-not.com for more details.