Nedap Retail

H&M continues partnering with Nedap to secure stores worldwide

Global fashion retailer chooses RFID-ready loss prevention systems

Nedap has renewed the agreement with Hennes & Mauritz (H&M), one of the world's largest retailers known for offering high fashion and quality basics at affordable prices, for the supply of electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems. The multi-year contract encompasses the global supply and installation of EAS equipment and tags for new stores and refurbishments.

Performance & RFID upgrade path
H&M chose to continue partnering with Nedap for their high-performance systems and because of its integral, forward-thinking approach to loss prevention. The selected EAS solution also offers a future-proof RFID upgrade path, which makes it possible to upgrade to RFID technology in the future without the need for major additional hardware investments.

Cloud-based loss prevention
Nedap offers worldwide professional onsite and online support with an integral, cloud-based approach to security and loss prevention. This solution provides retailers with exception based management information coming from connected Nedap systems. The insight into the real-time data of all connected systems helps retailers to continuously improve their stores’ performance.