LG Hausys Europe GmbH

HI-MACS® launches its 2011 stunning new Solid Colours

LG Hausys, after in-depth dialog with Architects and Designers, is delighted to announce the launch of 9 new stunning HI-MACS® solid colours for 2011. This brings the total number of colours on offer in HI-MACS® to more than 100 fabulous shades.

From multi-functional areas, through relaxing and harmonizing spaces, to sophisticated areas choosing colours is one of the most important decisions when designing living spaces.

The new palette includes neutral and natural colours such as Marta Grey, Mazarin Blue and Steel Grey which will fit perfectly in combination to natural materials. There are soft and relaxing offerings: Iowa Blue and Lilac Haze. And finally bright, energetic and extravagant Festival Pink, Light Green, Lemon Squash and Florida Orange. Irrespective of which shade you opt for, HI-MACS® is homogeneous through and through.

HI-MACS® adapts to the most demanding needs with its extraordinary characteristics. it is completely non-porous and has the highest level of durability and thus does not lose its colouring. It also has uniform thickness, allowing for perfectly imperceptible joints!
Easy to fabricate, HI-MACS®, with its excellent thermoformability properties, lets you adapt the material to the desired shapes and to create a range of designs that is nearly infinite.
You design the space, we bring you the right colour surface!