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Getting a grip on retail outlets: regional planning, central information

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ALDI SÜD ranks among the top brands in Germany’s retailing sector. The company group operates more than 1,770 branches in West and South Germany that are grouped together into 31 regional companies. In order to relieve branch managers and their representatives in their staff planning, ALDI SÜD decided to implement an IT-based workforce management and scheduling solution.

Smooth roll-out
The sheer volume of individual solutions represented the major challenge the project presented. The software had to be implemented rapidly and smoothly at more than 1,770 retail outlets. The key emphasis was on the user-friendly and company specific design of the user interface. The aim of the adjustments was to enable convenient handling and interaction for users of all age groups - who are also characterized by different levels of computer skills. Thanks to the sound organization and stringent discipline on the part of the project teams on both sides, the project ran a successful course in line with scheduling.

Greater transparency for management and employees
At present, the software is fully operational at more than 1,770 stores. The branch managers are very satisfied with their planning and administration tools. Magnet boards with duty rosters, operational planning, as well as stacks of paper with listings of hours, working times and holiday entitlement balances are now a thing of the past. The system holds all the relevant information and displays every single item clearly within masks.

Employees are also able to view their duty rosters, schedules and working time and holiday entitlement balances at all times.