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From a dispenser to a cash recycling system

Innovative CINEO upgrade concept for multifunctional talents

Wincor Nixdorf is complementing its CINEO product family with two multifunctional talents for indoors. The CINEO C2080 is a multifunctional cash dispenser and the CINEO C4080 a multifunctional cash recycling system. The highlight of the CINEO C2080: It can be subsequently upgraded to a cash recycling system. As a result, banks that are thinking about introducing cash recycling later have total investment security.

The concept for upgrading to a cash recycling system is unique in the industry to date. “Our aim is to ensure maximum flexibility with this upgrade option,” says Stephan Okroy, Cash Systems Product Manager at Wincor Nixdorf. Once upgraded with the new CINEO recycling module, the system enables dispensing and depositing of up to 200 banknotes in one transaction. “Significant savings at locations where the amount of cash paid in and dispensed is roughly equal are possible thanks to cash recycling systems. The cycles at which the systems have to be replenished or emptied are longer, which means the costs of cash management can be slashed by up to 75 percent,” states Okroy.

The CINEO C2080 is a cash dispenser that accommodates up to four intelligent cassettes. These intelligent means of storage can be exchanged between devices from the CINEO family and are the foundation for Wincor Nixdorf’s Cash Cycle Management Solutions. As a result, the CINEO C2080 can be integrated in closed cash cycles.
The systems can be equipped with modules for coin processing and handling notes and checks in combination with passbook processing or with a statement/information printer, as customers wish. That enables banks to fulfill their customers’ requirements for more 24/7 self service.
The CINEO C4080 can be fitted with up to five cash cassettes and so offers a high storage capacity and flexibility as regards denominations.

Both systems have cutting-edge security technology. The new Anti-Skimming II module and the Optical Security Guard – the intelligent recognition solution for optical monitoring of the system – detect and prevent attempted manipulation effectively. The CINEO C2080 can also be fitted with an anti-cash-trapping solution.