Fridgehub launches RACHP industry resource

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Fridgehub - The online directory and information service for manufacturers, distributers, service providers, operators and consumers of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat-pump (RACHP) products and serviceshas launched their new industry website.

Soles traders and businesses can now to sign-up and register for Fridgehub, claim their business listing on the industry directory and receive promotional discounts for Fridgehub’s introductory subscription plans.

Mark Denton, Fridgehub Founder said: “Fridgehub is a game-changing online directory and information service for refrigeration, air-conditioning, heat pump, energy and environmental products and services.  It provides a platform for businesses and individuals to engage with the professionals within the industry. Engineered for the Industry, by the Industry...”

Fridgehub is for anyone involved in the refrigeration, air conditioning, heatpump, energy and environmental industries.  RACHP contractors, engineers and technicians from small and large businesses can showcase their services in the directory and access a huge range of member benefits by joining for as little as £12 per month, when registering and using our promotional offer.

Some of the many Fridgehub directory features include:

  • Search for suppliers of products by manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler
  • Search for consultants, energy advice, design services and installers
  • Search for local installers or repairs,by service, product, brand and location
  • Find F-Gas compliantand accredited businesses
  • Find companies and discover what their customers say about their services
  • Access to over a hundred education & training courses and their providers
  • Access to industry organisations and resources


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