Umdasch Shop-Concept GmbH

Focus on Project Management and Sustainability

The new Umdasch system AlGate

Emotionally linked with the fair motto “À la carte”, Umdasch Shop-Concept and Assmann Ladenbau will be serving selected service modules at the EuroShop in Düsseldorf from 26 February − 2 March 2011. Professional project management, sustainable shopfitting and brand/project-specific system developments are among the current major topics in retailing which will also be the focus of attention on the fair stand of the Umdasch Shopfitting Group. The shopfitting concern has also arranged for a special highlight: Sarah Wiener and her team will be inviting guests to join them at table.

Excellent cuisine and successful shops have a number of features in common. In both cases selected ingredients, creative recipes and professional preparation guarantee unique results. On their 800 m² stand Umdasch and Assmann will repeatedly draw attention to the parallels between the worlds of culinary pleasure and shopfitting and will thus present their pioneering trends with emotion and lightness.

Guests of Umdasch: Professional project management and concentrated retailing expertise

In the Umdasch Shop-Concept exhibition area the tremendous importance of professional project management in modern shopfitting will be strikingly demonstrated. Reliable partners for the professional execution of investment projects are in great demand, not least for major retailers and brands operating on an international scale. To this end Umdasch Shop-Concept has developed the fields of project management and complete construction in all their facets as an absolute core competence. Numerous famous references on the fair stand will prove that the company is master of this sector on an international scale.

The Umdasch Shop Academy programme for 2011 will also be presented; the group has established itself as a highly specialised institution of further education for the retail sector. There is also an advance preview for 2013: “In 18 Tagen um die Shopping-Welt” (Around the Shopping World in 18 Days) will be the most spectacular shop expedition to date in the series “Laden-Dramaturgie LIVE!” (Shop Dramaturgy LIVE!). Dr. Christian Mikunda, the founder of strategic dramaturgy, will accompany trend scouts and retail professionals around the world from 5 − 24 April 2013. The journey will set off initially from Frankfurt for Miami, where the “Allure of the Seas”, the world’s largest floating shopping temple, will await participants. After disembarking in Jamaica the journey will continue to Los Angeles. Further destinations of this glamorous trip will include Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Abu Dhabi.

A further contribution is devoted to the presentation of the service modules “Brand Strategy”, “Brand Design” and “Store Planning” by ShopConsult by Umdasch. The team of the consultancy firm consists of 30 experts from various disciplines located in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Thinking and working within a network is part of the daily routine for the ShopConsult staff.

Guests of Assmann: Integral shopfitting with responsibility

The subject of sustainability is one of the main focuses of Assmann Ladenbau. After all, the slogan “We fit out shops. With Responsibility” acquires particular credibility in view of the company’s current certification in accordance with ISO 14001:2004. Assmann will also be presenting a CO2 calculator at the EuroShop; this compares the carbon footprint of shelving which has been produced in a variety of ways. You can discover on the fair stand how a shelf produced in China compares with one manufactured in Austria using alternative materials. Visitors will also be introduced to the shopfitter’s integral approach to sustainable corporate development. Sustainability plays an equally important role in the product sector. Assmann will be presenting the “Green Shelf”, the self with the smallest ecological footprint.

Integral thought processes and actions accompany the visitor through the Assmann contributions. The Shop Design team stands for creative recipes, while Shop Project (project management) and Construction Management (general contractor) guarantee the professional preparation.

EuroShop première for new shop systems

Umdasch Shop-Concept and Assmann Ladenbau will be introducing new systems as selected ingredients which – with a touch of humour – they have allocated to the world of culinary pleasures:

Indian Flavour by Hanging Frame
HangingFrame appeals with lightness. Compared with classic floor-based shelving systems it is very exotic – like Indian cuisine. The system creates new scope for shop design. The shelving frames are affixed to tracks on the ceiling and can be freely positioned within the shop space.

Italian Delicacies by AlGate
Reduced to the essentials but distinguished, noble and elegant, with an exclusive finish – like Italian fashion. This system is also a good example of variability. It consists of a moulded aluminium structure and can either be fitted with back elements or used as an open framework.

Japanese Taste by StackEasy
The elements of this system are simple, geometrical and unadorned. Combined together they offer a wide range of solutions – as in the culture of Japan. The core idea of StackEasy could not be simpler. With the help of universal mounting sockets, legs and spacing tubes can be mounted onto wood and glass panels. A principle that permits the design of a wide variety of table forms.

At the EuroShop Assmann will be presenting innovative shop systems which have all been developed on the basis of the product family ALL4one:

Fusion Cuisine by Smart Shelf
The Smart Shelf easily fulfils consumer demand for product transparency. The product information is attached to the product in the form of a 2D code and can be called up at all times in real time on a display or monitor. The high technology of the future has arrived in the world of shopfitting.

Bio Food by Green Shelf
The Green Shelf shelving units are made of “bio materials” such as reeds, banana stalks, locally-grown spruce and bamboo. For Assmann Green Shelf is a logical result of our responsibility to the environment.

Molecular Cuisine by Brand Shelf
Brand Shelf is as diverse as molecular cuisine. A wide range of colour schemes and shelves of latticework or sheet metal permit a brand-specific design.

The systems on display also demonstrate the skills and technical possibilities of Umdasch and Assmann for brand or project-specific development. And that – in addition to project management and sustainable shopfitting – is one of the major topics in the shopfitting sector.

Professional performances in various disciplines

The EuroShop presentation of Umdasch and Assmann was developed by the Hamburg-based design agency Syndicate, which was the successful winner of an international ideas competition. The design professionals at Assmann and Umdasch were responsible for planning the specific theme contributions. Further famous partners were also involved in the realisation of the stand. These included, for example, Philips (lighting accents), Neff (kitchen equipment), Procedes (gauzes), Team 7 (furnishings for gastronomy) and terHürne (flooring).