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Flott - recessed LED downlight with dynamic backlight

Flott represents an enhanced functionality of a recessed downlight. The latest LED technology with excellent light quality and dynamic back-light make this downlight unique. Back-light offers soft RGB dynamic ceiling illumination or a pleasant night light with low energy consumption. Innovative design resolves most of usual difficulties with trimless installation and it perfectly integrates into the architecture. Flott is up to 2,7x more energy efficient and have 4x longer life time than conventional CFL downlights. Typical application area is entrance hall, corridor, meeting room, shopping mall, leisure or private residences.

Flott S | ø 240 mm | 1900-2700 lm | 81 lm/W | 3000, 4000K | CRI > 85, 95

Flott L | ø 324 mm | 2400-4800 lm | 104 lm/W | 3000, 4000K | CRI > 85, 95