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Flexibility in the checkout zone: METTLER TOLEDO expands its Ariva range of checkout scales

Live demonstrations at EuroShop 2014: The Ariva-S stand-alone checkout scale in combination with the new Ariva Text Display

Gießen, February 17, 2014 – Customized weighing solutions for all manner of checkout situations: at EuroShop 2014 (February 16 to 20, Düsseldorf, Hall 6, Stand E75) METTLER TOLEDO is presenting the latest models in its Ariva range of checkout scales. In addition to the Ariva-B weighing modules for integration with bi-optic scanners, METTLER TOLEDO is demonstrating its new stand-alone Ariva-S scale for use in checkout and specialty zones, the new Ariva Text Display and the Ariva-H weighing module for horizontal scanners which will be launched in the second half of 2014.

Ariva checkout scales relieve the pressure in the checkout zone by enabling more rapid transactions and quicker sales processes, thanks to the particularly low settling time and faster data flows between the scale and the checkout. A USB connection has been added alongside the RS232 interface that was present on previous models to facilitate data exchange with the checkout system. At EuroShop 2014, METTLER TOLEDO is also presenting the stand-alone Ariva-S as an extension to the current Ariva-B models for installation into bi-optic scanners. A third version of Ariva for horizontal scanners is scheduled for launch in the second half of 2014.

Flexible use without a scanner: Ariva-S

The new Ariva-S stand-alone scale combines all the benefits of the Ariva family in a particularly compact cast aluminum housing. Ariva-S is available both as a table-top device and as a model for integration into checkout counters. Hence, the scale is ideal in a wide variety of different situations: for classic checkouts, self-checkouts, in restaurants and specialty zones, and as a checkweigher at the POS.

Robust to withstand everyday use

Thanks to the dual-interval weighing technology, all members of the Ariva family – including the Ariva-S – are able to cope with a high maximum load of up to 15 kilograms while also offering an extremely sensitive weight resolution for weighing lightweight, high-value items. And, as an extra benefit for the bottom line and the environment alike, Ariva scales are characterised by a very low power consumption: electricity usage has been reduced to less than half of that consumed by standard POS scales. Robust materials such as stainless steel and aluminum are effective in safeguarding Ariva scales against corrosion to ensure a long useful life. Moreover, the housing has been specially designed to be impermeable to liquids and dirt, thus protecting the weighing mechanism.

At-a-glance information: Ariva Text Display

As the perfect complement to its Ariva checkout weighing solutions, METTLER TOLEDO is presenting the new Ariva Text Display at EuroShop 2014. The display has four numerical lines for weight, tare, price per kilogram and sales price, as well as an additional line for text such as product descriptions. All the data is presented clearly and legibly on the high-contrast, backlit LCD display. The brightly illuminated letters and numbers against the black background ensure that the information is easily visible, even when viewed from the side. Furthermore, Ariva scales are 100 percent compatible with METTLER TOLEDO’s VCODisp. This software application enables retailers to display both checkout and weighing data on the same POS screen, thus increasing their design flexibility in the checkout zone.

Optimum connectivity in the checkout zone

Since all of the scales in the Ariva family use the same software, retailers who work with several different devices benefit from time and cost savings in terms of scale integration and scale maintenance. Connecting the scales to the checkout systems also involves minimal effort because Ariva scales support all common checkout protocols.

METTLER TOLEDO’s Ariva scales

Ariva checkout scales are available in three different versions as well as for a wide range of scanners:

METTLER TOLEDO Ariva-B comprises weighing modules for integration with bi-optic scanners from Datalogic, Honeywell, Motorola and NCR.

METTLER TOLEDO Ariva-H is the ideal weighing solution for integration with horizontal scanners.

METTLER TOLEDO Ariva-S is a stand-alone checkout scale without scanner integration for high-performance weighing at the POS.