Enso Detego GmbH

Fashion Store Stoecker is setting standards using Enso Detego's RFID solution for transparent inventory management and reliable article surveillance

Enso Detego's solution supports the store's open space concept

(Graz, 27.11.2013) Enso Detego GmbH, a leading provider of RFID software products and solutions to the fashion industry, implemented its RFID inventory management and electronic article surveillance (EAS) solution at Stoecker’s new multi-brand fashion retail store. The 5,500m2, state-of-the art store located near Linz, Austria, opened in September and has been designed and build with a special focus on sustainability. The building meets the latest energy standards and is equipped with the latest technology.

Enso Detego’s RFID solution supports the new store's open space concept and helps to enhance the customer's shopping experience. The Store Guard+ article surveillance system eliminates the need for floor-mounted EAS gates at the exit. Enso Detego deploys an RFID detection technology assisted by "Computer Vision" to offer retail stores a reliable, advanced alternative to conventional theft surveillance systems. When a person with an unpaid RFID-labelled fashion item crosses over a designated line at the store's exit, the hardware independent Store Guard+ system distinguishes these items from other items in the vicinity and reliably triggers an alarm.

Enso Detego’s RFID solution supports all retail processes in the store, beginning with the registration of incoming and outgoing goods, through inventory management to checkout procedures. In addition, it allows for discreet theft detection. Using RFID handheld scanners, Stoecker’s personnel can perform periodic cycle counts at the store's backroom as well as at various sales floor locations. The automatic registration frees up sales personnel, who can spend more time consulting customers – a service that Stoecker focuses on a great deal. Comprehensive reporting tools provide the store personnel with an improved visibility of items available for sale and allow for an optimized replenishment process.

"With Enso Detego’s RFID solution we found a sustainable theft and shrinkage prevention system which integrates well into the overall design of our sales floor", said managing director Peter Stoecker. "Fast and frequent cycle counts improve item transparency and help us to replenish our shelves faster and more accurately to reduce out-of-stock situations.“

Enso Detego has executed this project in joint cooperation with its partner Höltl Retail Solutions, a leading provider of software solutions for retail management systems.