Fabric Images,Inc

Fabric Images, Inc. is Recognized by HP for Excellence in Printing

Superwide Dye Sublimation printing by Fabric Images, Inc.

December 6, 2013- As part of the 2013 Sign & Display Print Excellence Awards, Fabric Images, Inc. has been recognized by Hewlett Packard (HP) as the winner in the category of Interior Advertising. This recognition showcases the best-in-class large format graphics and is based on usage of ink and color, overall aesthetics, marketing appeal and creativity of placement / installation.*

The winning project, designed by Freddie Georges Production Group, showcases large graphics integrated into a tradeshow environment. The graphics, soaring at a combined total of 1,800 square feet, utilized a Flag Knit fabric which was printed using the Superwide Dye Sublimation process. This unique material supported the graphics beautifully, resulting in crisp large format floating graphics that acted as backdrops within the exhibit space.

Fabric Images, Inc. is a pioneer in the prototyping and development of Superwide Dye Sublimation Printing. In 2001, they launched 3m Superwide Dye Sublimation Printing, the first offering of its kind in the world. Since this development, Fabric Images has continued to invest in the advancements in technology, launching 5m Superwide XL Dye Sublimation Printing earlier this year. This latest leap is one of many technological developments that Fabric Images, Inc. has in store as they continue to set the benchmark for printed tensioned fabric architecture and displays.

The HP Sign and Display Print Excellence Awards program is designed to formally recognize HP customers on a worldwide basis for best-in-class large-format graphics produced on HP systems. A panel of regional experts selected winners in categories spanning from vehicle graphics to retail and point-of-purchase applications, in addition to special recognition for environmentally responsible printing.

*Digital Output, December 2013, A Toast to the Winners