Fabric Images,Inc

Fabric Images, Inc. Showcases the “Store of the Future” at Euroshop 2014

Fabric Images, Inc., a global producer of printed and non-printed tension fabric architecture, had a global presence during their third attendance at Euroshop in Dusseldorf, Germany, February 16-20. Representatives from Milan, Italy, Mexico City, Mexico, San Paulo, Brazil and their headquarters, Chicago, U.S.A. were present for the exhibition to promote Fabric Images' products, offerings and global reach.

During the event Fabric Images, Inc. showcased the latest trends in fabric architecture with their "Store of the Future" exhibit. The display showcased how fabric architecture can be integrated into an environment to create spatial interest with a physical dynamic while, at the same time, creating a multi-channel experience. The space was brought to life with 5 meter wide seamless dye sublimation printing, organic metal work, technology integration and interactive relaxation. Also present was the integration of zipper construction. While not a new technique, this detail added a level of flair and exposed the companies' forward thinking and differentiating approach to finishing details.

According to Marco Alvarez, President & CEO of Fabric Images, Inc., "We took this opportunity to showcase a different side of Fabric Images. We believe in pushing the limits of what fabric can do, whether it be size, shape, material selection or finishing technique. This display allowed us to create an environment that engaged with attendees on a visual, tactile and sensory level. It proved that nothing is impossible."

EuroShop is the world’s leading retail trade fair. Exhibitors covered 16 halls, more than 115.000 square meters. More than 109,000 trade visitors attended the world’s No.1 trade fair for retail and its partners in Düsseldorf –110 nations represented.