FITCH delivers high performance design McLaren Automotive’s car is the star

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We are delighted to unveil our collaboration with McLaren Automotive in developing the striking visual identity and brand positioning of its new range of high performance cars. This kicks off with the launch of the critically acclaimed MP4-12C, unveiled on June 21 opening of McLaren’s flagship showroom at One Hyde Park in exclusive Knightsbridge, London.

Delivering the design concept for the dealership environments, as well as brand elements, communications, car launch and events programme, FITCH employed the McLaren mantra – that the car is the star – to create a total brand experience that ensures the focus stays entirely on the exceptional engineering expertise of the McLaren Automotive team.

Says FITCH Studio Design Director, Simon Moriarty: "We recognised McLaren's purity in approach and ambition and adopted this as a filter for all our design decisions. We didn’t want to clutter the building with anything that would distract attention from the car. We've used materials and finishes which echo the look and feel of the amazing McLaren Technology Centre, and the symmetry and attention to detail in the design of the retail space supports the brand’s design ethos – ‘Pure McLaren’."

FITCH has also created a bespoke reception desk with input from McLaren Automotive designers and engineers for the retail roll out. Created in McLaren’s dazzling rocket red it is a tribute to McLaren design and further highlights the brand's reputation for high performance engineering in everything it does. Within the dealership the technology panels tell the story of McLaren’s journey from Formula 1 to road car and the incredible and innovative approach McLaren have taken to the development of the MP4-12C. The unique Mobile Sales Kit has been designed to support the retail team when visiting potential customers in their own homes. Made using Carbon Fibre, a signature material for McLaren, it contains all the materials and finishes available when specifying an MP4-12C.

With launch events recently rolled out across Europe, the Far East and the US, the success of the brand concept is already writ large, with sales far exceeding forecast.

Lucy Unger, Managing Director of FITCH's London studio said: “We are delighted to be able to continue our association with McLaren and to have been given the opportunity to help bring the new McLaren Automotive brand to life. It is fantastic for FITCH to be involved with McLaren not only from a creative perspective but also personally – McLaren is one of those internationally renowned brands that everyone wants to work with.”

John Allert, McLaren’s Group Brand Director, added: “This is the culmination of over three years’ intensive work. The FITCH team has worked seamlessly and tirelessly with our own marketing and design teams to produce some truly outstanding work. Although the car is the star, this process has certainly created the perfect stage from which it can now shine – in fact I’m certain that our retail showrooms will be ‘must see’ destinations in their own right.’