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EuroShop 2014: Always a step ahead

Infinity Shopping Shelf

Weinheim, 15 January 2014 +++ Online Software AG will display in-store marketing solutions to make everyday business easier and trend-setting innovations and inspirations for modern businesses' investment plans at EuroShop 2014 in hall 6 at stand A79. The world's largest business trade fair opens its doors in Düsseldorf from 16 to 20 February 2014.

For many years, Online Software AG has supported businesses with software solutions for retail in-store marketing which are relevant for today's market while also looking to the future. The central theme at EuroShop 2014 will be the change that the business world is currently undergoing towards the fusion of fixed and online-mobile business. Online Software AG will present its solutions for businesses, based on the latest technology, designed to equip them for a successful future.

Along with the PRESTIGE Solution partners, HP, iMAGOTAG, nexgen smart instore, Samsung and tradesolutions, Online Software AG will present the whole spectrum of innovative and immediately implementable solutions.

At the PRESTIGE Solution campus, visitors can experience the full range of methods of addressing shoppers emotionally in the store - from classic print solutions to digital customer communication on screens, video walls, information terminals, cash registers and scales all the way to mobile methods using apps and mobile solutions for up-to-date, convenient business. Prepare to be amazed by what is possible today in in-store marketing and risk a glance at tomorrow's solutions.

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