Ethalon: Digital communication with the customer

Everybody knows them…countless receipts, customer and loyalty cards and coupons, which make your wallet bigger and less arranged with each purchase. In a world in which you, as a customer, are online anytime and anywhere while using your smartphone, a digital receipt should be self-evident.

Since you have your smartphone with you anyway, the ideal case would be that you have your receipts, your coupons and your customer and loyalty cards as well with you on your smartphone.On your computer at home you have a detailed overview of your spending through a browser-portal.

The perfect tool for a digital world of shopping

NuBON offers this digital shopping experience with its app for iOS or Android. The customer uses the app at the cash register, a personal bar- or QR-code appears and the employee at the cash register scans it or types the customers personal NuBON-ID. After the purchase, the receipt appears digitally and mobile on your smartphone. And you can also access the receipts via the NuBON portal online.

There you also find your household book, which offers a clear overview of your spending through its functions for searching, administration and archiving. You can also save information on products and accessories like handbooks or private documents.

More drive to your multi-channel marketing

Due to the information that the receipt holds on your shopping habits you only receive spam free and fitted offers and discounts from the retailers of your choice. Since the NuBON portal is directly connected to social media channels and ecommerce dealers, you can rate items and products and interchange with friends in the community.

Companies like Deichmann, Görtz, Wöhrl, Snipes or Hess have already chosen to work with NuBON. As well as cash register producers like Ratio, actosoft, Ethalon, Micros, POSPartner, höltl and Siller, which offer an interface. Sebastian Neil Hölken, retail business division leader at ETHALON, says: “We look forward to adding more companies and cash register producers to the list of successful NuBON users”. First operations will commence at the beginning of 2013.

Big Data to go

There are also many advantages for the retailers. Especially because they get an answer to their currently most pressing challenge: the exponential growth of data inventory revolutionizes the retail market, the handling of advertising and especially of customer-communication. With NuBON, retailers have a unique data pool: here the information from cash receipts, web shops, inventory management systems and user profiles of all participating partners are brought together. Retailers can reach conclusions about shopping habits, preferences and consumer behavior through these cumulative facts and they reach their target group exactly and without waste coverage.

Three combined marketing channels

Another bonus: you can also access aggregated customer data from all the other companies which have decided to use NuBON – the amount of addressable target groups increases by manifold. Through the NuBON app and portal it is finally possible to combine the three marketing channels of web, smartphone and stationary retail. An important service in a mobile world of customers who become more and more demanding.