Caddie ERGODRIVE: more flexibility

CADDIE&MOTION advantages as seen by users

A very attractive design of the sides which prevents small articles from slipping through.

Sides in plastic which are generally perceived as better for the environment.

A more pleasant cart for shopping.

Lighter and easier to handle than a metal cart.

Side handles which were noticed and appreciated: “You can grab onto it anywhere.”

Conveys the idea of more responsible use and healthier shopping.

(Source: Zed Marketing Research / Caddie / Ethno 25/03/2013)

for greater comfort and less noise!

In addition to unbeatable flexibility for adapting to different volumes, the Caddie ERGODRIVE is light and especially easy to handle, which encourages impulse buying. A solid brand value and appropriate for all kinds of shopping, this flagship product includes all the latest features of Caddie self-service carts. It ensures optimum, noise-free comfort all along the customer’s route.

The Caddie with power steering!

Ensuring improved steering and maneuverability, ERGODRIVE offers particularly pleasant power steering to facilitate all kinds of shopping. In addition, with an ergonomically designed handle which encourages holding the cart on the side and composite wheels to dampen vibrations on any type of surface, it ensures silent handling and immediate response to the user when following a straight or curved trajectory.

Steering comfort is further optimized by a light weight, which considerably reduces the effort required to push, even when the cart is heavily loaded. Optional corner guards offer safer steering throughout the store and at the checkout counter.

Finally, silence kits guarantee optimally noiseless operation at each step: selecting a cart, steering it and returning it to the cart-parking area.

For a quick trip or a major expedition, ERGODRIVE adapts!

The power of ERGODRIVE is based on its ergonomics and exceptional flexibility. Its high, shallow basket facilitates loading and unloading when selecting items, as well as at the checkout counter and when transferring purchases to a car.

Its modular features are adapted to the different types of items purchased (beverage packs, delicate articles, etc.) and provide additional flexible volumes which customers particularly appreciate.

The multifunction fold-down seat can comfortably hold a child or be used for storing fragile products. The beverage pack support can also be folded down and offers enough space to hold two twenty-liter packs.

Impeccable in all kinds of weather and at all times!

Coated with Caddiroc®, a patented, high-performance solution, ERGODRIVE features long-lasting, resistant attractiveness that makes a real difference. This special coating reinforces store identity while protecting the cart from daily damage (collisions, rain, wind, etc.) and keeps it nice-looking for customers.

As the customer’s first contact with the store, the ERGODRIVE cart announces the colors of the store it belongs to – yellow, blue, orange, green, red, platinum metal, white or dark gray. It can be personalized in many ways: with an additional section for purchases separated by a divider from the rest of the basket, as well as with plastic accessories, plastic corner guards and front steering available in different colors. It’s even possible to add an optional sign holder on the front to promote store values and visual identity!

This cart is available in different sizes: 200L, 230L and two new versions:

-Ergodrive 165L: it includes a bottle crate support and a lower grid, providing an additional purchase volume of 60L.

-Ergodrive 100L: all the benefits of the Ergodrive range are available in this model. It has been designed specially and adapted for local shopping.