Eclair If...


Just surf on the new Eclair Trend and propose Eclairs melting in your mouth with beautiful multicolor decors which you can customize very easily.

Ten years ago started the macaroon glory. This year is the beginning of the eclair trend, the famous traditional French pastry.

And of course Croust'wich, the very famous innovativ fast food concept for sandwiches, is jumping on this trend and proposes another innovative  concept for eclairs.

In order to capitalize on the concepts already developed (sandwiches, Toast’wich,  Croust’wich Hot, salads…), we are coming with a solution in order to propose eclairs in the spirit of the fast food traditions:

- Quick service

- Personnalisation of the offer (let the customer decides about what he wants)

- Quality of the final product thanks to the Croust’wich system which allows to assemble the product quickly in front of the customer.

That’s where the Eclair If…  Conceptis coming from

A very simple concept, accessible to everyone to prepare quickly on request outstanding eclairs

A very simple process : Same idea as the one for the sandwich : in order to make sure the eclair dough is not going to become wet and soggy, just keep the empty eclairs  separately from the fillings. Prepare your eclair fillings on the small baguettes filling plates  with mso-element: frame; mso-element-frame-hspace: 7.05pt; mso-element-wrap: around; mso-element-anchor-vertical: paragraph; mso-element-anchor-horizontal: column; mso-element-top: -49.0pt; mso-" align="center">

You can also season your eclair dough (spices, crumble, melted cheese, parmiggiano, whole nuts…..) according to our unique tricks and recipes.

In a quick knack, you assemble the eclair in front of the customer with the filling he/ she wants and get the most tasty flavorfull eclair you have ever dreamed of.

Sweet or salty eclair is the perfect snacking food item for in-between meals.