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Easy presentation with innovative LED technology

Photo: Light concept for pharmacies by BARO

In line with the concept "simple, quick and inexpensive" easyApotheke pharmacies offer their customers individual consultation and a wide range of products - at low prices. In addition to prescription drugs, the focus is on OTC, wellness, personal and dental hygiene products and cosmetics. easy places the focus on customer service and ensuring that customers feel comfortable and are able to shop in peace.

This philosophy is also reflected in the design of the store and the lighting concept. Together with the easy head office in Hildesheim, BARO has developed a lighting concept that can be applied to easy pharmacies throughout Germany. The corporate light supports the corporate design of the pharmacy cooperation - a fresh apple green logo and the colour dark blue. It has already been implemented for numerous customers. The lighting concept first and foremost aims to showcase the product assortment with energy-efficient lighting whilst creating a friendly and sales-promoting atmosphere in the salesroom.

And it was with these objectives in mind that a lighting system was planned for Dr. Frank Köhler's easyApotheke Bramfeld in Hamburg. The Ontero CS 130 luminaire series fitted with LED technology combines design and energy efficiency and creates the sales-promoting atmosphere intended by the planners. The new LED technology sets new efficiency standards. Consuming 50% less energy a lighting level similar to that of conventional technology can be achieved. The LEDs have a very long average service life of approx. 40,000 - 50,000 hours and require very little maintenance. At the same time the LED technology reliably protects sensitive products such as cosmetics or drugs from heat.

In the entrance area LED luminaires give customers a friendly welcome, remove any inhibitions and invite them to enter the pharmacy. LED technology enables the products on the shelves to be showcased in a bright light. In combination with the green mirrored ceiling, the accentuation of certain areas with light creates an attractive and spacious atmosphere. What's more, the high illuminance in the checkout area improves concentration and enables staff to work without making mistakes. The OTC products presented on the rear wall of the showroom are also showcased in a bright light and attract attention as soon as customers enter the pharmacy.