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Dynamic shop window brochure available

Every retailer’s dream comes true with this customisable lighting solution innovation by SLE. The Dynamic Shop Window is a high-end solution with user-friendly control which allows you to re-design your display window lighting easily by yourself.

SLE released the brand-new DSW brochure describing the concept, its benefits, how the customised user interface works and the system behind the retail lighting solution. Download the brochure to see how you can create a stimulating, vivid and captivating shopping experience for every customer with DSW.

Our designers created a unique responsive lighting with adjustable colour temperature and light intensity, variable RGB colour scheme, and flexible accent lighting focus to take full advantage of all aspects of your shop window.

With Dynamic Shop Window your store will utilise the most effective and comfortable technology available for retail. Create different scenes directing attention on various details and achieve the perfect ambience with lighting to make the best first impression. Inside the brochure a Wiring Diagram provides in-depth explanation of how the system works.

Get your own copy of the brochure before you meet us at Euroshop 2017.