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Diversey's ReNew Air Scrubber Technology

Diversey's ReNew Air Scrubber Technology Wins AMI Environmental Achievement Award for Reducing Environmental Impact at Indiana Packers Corp. Facility

ReNew Technology Improves Air Quality, Reduces Water Consumption and Enhances Employee Safety at the Company’s Delphi, Indiana Facility

Diversey, Inc., a leading global provider of commercial cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solutions, and Indiana Packers Corporation (IPC), a leading processor of premium pork products in the United States, announced IPC received the Environmental Achievement Award from the American Meat Institute (AMI) for implementing Diversey’s proprietary ReNew® Wet Air Scrubber Program.

Diversey’s unique ReNew technology is used in the rendering process to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air. ReNew is helping IPC create a safer working environment for plant workers, lower the total cost to operate, save water and improve the odor profile of its facility.

“We congratulate Indiana Packers Corporation on this major achievement,” said Diversey President and CEO Ed Lonergan. “IPC deserves recognition for its work to improve the environmental performance of its operations, and we’re honored to be their partner.”

The ReNew Wet Air Scrubber Program is helping IPC reduce water consumption at its Delphi, Indiana facility by nearly 400,000 gallons per year. ReNew is lowering IPC’s overall cost to operate because the system continuously cleans on-line, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. By using ReNew’s balance of enzymes and surfactants in the cleaning process, IPC has eliminated the use of hazardous chemicals, including concentrated sulfuric acid and caustic soda, saving $100,000 per year.

“Indiana Packers is very dedicated to operating our business safely while reducing its environmental impact,” said Jon Revord, Vice President of Engineering for Indiana Packers Corporation. “Partnering with Diversey on an innovative program like ReNew has delivered significant benefit to our facility, improving its safety and environmental metrics. We value Diversey’s expertise and thank the team for its efforts in bringing the ReNew system to our facility.”

IPC implemented the ReNew program in 2009 as part of a broader commitment to enhance the efficiency of its operations, improve worker safety and increase the sustainability profile of its rendering facility. Rendering typically involves the use of a substantial amount of caustic chemicals to mitigate the odors associated with the production of grease and meat products from inedible animal parts. IPC’s previous scrubber program used chlorine gas and sodium bromide as an oxidizer to control VOCs, along with a cleaning program that used caustic soda and concentrated sulfuric acid.

Paul Gomes, IPC’s Regulatory Compliance Engineer added: “Before ReNew, we had weekly and monthly cleaning processes for the scrubbers that usually took a technician an entire shift to clean. The ReNew program has eliminated four to five hours of labor per week required to clean the scrubbers, along with the use of 20 gallons of caustic soda and five gallons of concentrated sulfuric acid per month, generating significant cost savings.”

The ReNew Wet Air Scrubber program is a total solution that combines, chemistry, equipment, expertise and ongoing service to deliver:

• Improved odor profile. The Diversey ReNew Wet Air Scrubber Program reduces foul odors and noxious VOCs emitted from soiled or clogged wet air scrubbers.
• Enhanced worker safety. ReNew products are neutral on the pH scale. They are free of alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEOs), phosphates, chloride and oxidizers. ReNew drastically reduces the need for acids and oxidizers, which are dangerous to handle and store, or alkali and caustics, which can burn skin and eyes.
• Up to 28% lower costs to operate. ReNew eliminates the costs associated with off-line cleaning while using a patented combination of chemistry and a dosing system that replaces the oxidizers and reduces water use by up to 60 percent.
• Improved regulatory compliance. ReNew products reduce the time and financial resources necessary to comply with regulatory bodies such as EPA, OSHA, DNR and other municipal agencies. ReNew products are not required to be reported under SARA 311 or 313 and are also not subject to California’s Proposition 65.

The AMI Environmental Achievement Awards are given to AMI member companies that go beyond environmental compliance by designing and successfully implementing an innovative plant upgrade or environmental program. IPC received its award in Category 3 (advances in environmental technology/advanced technology, upgraded systems, software). As an awards participant, IPC submitted supporting data to document the achievements claimed within its application.