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Are thieves removing the security tags and eating your margin

For thieves it is easy to detach the old security tags. Finding detached security tags in fitting rooms is common for apparel retailer. Theft reduces retail margins and causes a hundred euro cost for every consumer in Europe. Our new security tag stops the theft.

A security tag that beats the thieves

New, patented A3tag security tag beats the shoplfters. Light weigth and rugged tag has a double lock that cannot be opened with simple magnet, hook or needle.

The new tag is designed especially for textiles. It protects your items efficiently and is compatible with all common security gates. With dedicated detacher the tag removal is easy and quick.

"The A3tag has a unique dual-locking mechanism that will beat the shoplifters. It can even be customized to dual frequencies. This is a new concep that is sure to get results even in the most difficult trading areas. If you are being targeted, suffering high losses due to tag removal, this is the tag for you. The a3tag tag will foil the thieves." - Jim Hutchison, Security Manager, M&Co (300 stores throughout the UK)  

A3tag in nutshell

light weight and ruggedtamper proof and patented double lockingcompatible with for example Datazzi, Checkpoint, Sensormatic and Nedap gatesfuture proof soution that is ready for real time item level inventory

Why wouldn't you upgrade to better security?

Get rid of the unnecessary theft. Read more and request for a quotation.