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The use of CO2-based refrigeration equipment is attracting more and more end-users for a variety of applications; this trend is driven by several factors, like:


-        benign refrigerant properties in terms of environmental sustainability (GWP = 1)

-        extremely high system efficiency and higher COP when compared to business-as-usual technology

-        much lower maintenance costs in case of leakages due to the very low refrigerant price when compared to HFC


In particular, clear signals from the market are arising, with an increasing demand for larger-scale CO2 applications. Thus, all the system component manufacturers are called to a hard work since bigger equipment is needed.


Compressor-wise, DORIN has accomplished its tasks with the commercialization of the largest CO2 trans-critical compressor available in the market, namely CD5000M which features:


-        Displacement of 30.23 m3/h @ 50Hz – 36.28 m3/h @ 60Hz

-        50hp motor @ 50Hz – 60hp motor @ 60Hz

-        UL approval

-        Enhanced lubrication system with extra-low oil carry over

-        Smooth and silent operation

-        Extra-low pressure pulses thanks to peculiar discharge gas stream

-        Utmost COP levels

-        Capability for frequency drive


Thanks to the unprecedented refrigeration duty provided (73 kW @ -8°C evaporating temperature – 90 bar discharge pressure – 35°C gas cooler outlet temperature) CD5000M allows rack builders and end-users to dramatically cut down system costs, since:


-        less compressors are to be used in order to fulfil the system refrigeration capacity

-        smaller racks are needed, thus more space is in principle available in the vending area

-        less pipes, less fittings, less components are required, bringing further down capital costs


DORIN has already powered several jobsites worldwide with its flagship CO2 trans-critical compressor model and the outcome from the field is extremely positive, with end-users and plant owners being extremely satisfied by the overall compressor performances in terms of very large capacity provided and reliable, smooth and silent compressor operation.


DORIN is therefore expecting a continuous global growth in this specific model sales inquiries and will welcome any information requests.