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Counting money at the cash register has come to an end

SMARTtill monitors your money stock in real-time

SMARTtill is the only till on the market that can precisely monitor your cash stock. When you use SMARTtill the daily and time-consuming counting of money at the cash register or in the back office is eliminated. Procedures such as cashing-up or replacing change drawers are simplified and accelerated considerably. SMARTtill’s integration into act’o-cash allows you to take advantage of all applications directly from the cash register. No other software is required. No additional training is necessary because your staff simply continues to use the SMARTtill drawer as before. SMARTtill also offers you additional cash management functions, for instance, real-time cash balance indicators for all tills in a shop or information about discrepancies. This information can either be reported immediately or saved in detail for later evaluation.

The SMARTtill advantages are clear: time can be saved both at the POS and in the back office, losses can be ascertained immediately, customer service is improved and the link to the familiar act’o-cash operations allows users to get started immediately.

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