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Cosmetics love Stiletto

Integrated POS concept: brand, packaging and display work in harmony. The beautiful ribbon design of the Stiletto displays reflects the brand with its elegance and finesse, while the high quality finish of the cosmetics packaging complements the product r

Beauty products are one of the most challenging product groups at the POS. What kind of design appeals to the target group for lipstick, eyeliner and mascara, yet also delivers the highest impulse purchase rates? Finding the right balance requires innovative ideas and creative packaging and POS-Solutions!

When British designers from STI Group took on this challenge, they created a suite of outstanding POS concepts for the Stiletto cosmetics range.

A stimulating past, a stylish future

Stiletto is the second brand to come from the in-house creative team. In 2011
STI Group designers developed STImulate, an energy drinks brand, to showcase innovative POS concepts for beverages; it was the success of STImulate that inspired the team to approach the beauty sector in a similar way.

“The main focus for STI Group, as with every project, is the brand,” explains Paul Clarke, Managing Director UK. “For the beauty and cosmetics industry, we were looking for a brand name that was relevant for women as target consumers, something that was very emotional and conveyed style – and that was how Stiletto was born. It’s no coincidence that the brand is also a play on our company name.”

International teamwork

Taking the new Stiletto brand, the UK design team conceptualised a complete display and packaging range, from premium folding cartons to both temporary and permanent display solutions.

POS specialists across the STI Group network collaborated on packaging design and sourcing the cosmetic products.

Experts from the STI Group plant in Greven, in Nordrhein-Westfalen, handled the high quality finishing for the premium packaging, while the Group’s sourcing office in Hong Kong organised the Stiletto product range, from lipstick and mascara to face cream.