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ConCardis and IHA continuing their successful working relationship

The German Hotel Association (IHA) and ConCardis agree attractive conditions for cashless payment.

The German Hotel Association (IHA) is continuing its successful working relationship with ConCardis, one of the leading providers for cashless transactions. Members of the association will benefit from a new master agreement with yet better conditions and protection against hidden costs in small print. The newly negotiated master agreement conditions offer the hotel association's members an exclusive opportunity to settle credit card payments in a particularly secure and cost-effective way.

The master agreement's improvements include rounding out the card portfolio. In addition to MasterCard, Visa, American Express, UnionPay and JCB credit cards, ConCardis now also offers acceptance of and settlement for Diners and Discover cards. This means that the IHA master agreement now includes all major credit card brands. In addition, the rental and transaction prices for POS terminals have been recalculated. But even customers yet to use a ConCardis terminal will benefit from better prices.

“The new master agreement offers members which are existing or new customers the opportunity to make use of unique conditions and thus savings potential,” explains Fritz G Dreesen, Chairman of the German Hotel Association (IHA). “In contrast to common practice in the rest of the industry, ConCardis will be dispensing with the extra charges of up to 0.35% for corporate cards on top of its normal credit card merchant service fee.”

For this reason, the IHA generally recommends checking existing agreements and future offers not just with regard to merchant service rates but also for extra costs in the prices and services list.

Those hoteliers interested can ask the IHA for specifics on how high the annual savings for an individual hotel will be. Even hoteliers who do not yet belong to the IHA can compare their own current credit card conditions by sending an e-mail to and find out about possible savings.