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Commonwealth Bank and Wincor Nixdorf announce technology that redefines the customer experience at the point of sale

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), the global design and innovation consultancy IDEO and technology partner Wincor Nixdorf unveiled today a new concept for customer interaction that has the potential to raise the bar for customer service across industries. The new solution concept is designed to help businesses redefine the customer experience by enhancing face-to-face interaction at POS.

For the first time, the personal interaction between the shopper and retail advisor can be combined with online offerings, providing new interactive possibilities for retailers to engage with customers during the sales process. The required functions are integrated into a single, attractively designed device.

“The solution empowers organizations to go beyond a simple transaction, using consumer-friendly applications and a human-centric interface to enrich the customer experience. From offering an easier way of splitting a bill, activating a loyalty program using information on customer preferences to offering a more personalized expense or checking stock - the opportunities are limitless,” said Kelly Bayer Rosmarin, Executive General Manager of Business Products and Development at Commonwealth Bank.

Consumer expectations have changed dramatically over the past ten years - driven primarily by technology - while businesses face-to-face propositions have not changed for the last thirty years. Today, customers demand an experience that is built around their needs and want to pay for products and services in the mode they desire.

Developed in close partnership with CBA and IDEO, Wincor Nixdorf’s solution is a combination of an open android tablet that can download apps from a business app store and then accept a secure payment. It is applicable to all businesses from high end to the small and medium enterprise. The device is intended to complement existing POS systems. In addition to stationary terminals, retailers can use the mobile devices to help customers wherever and whenever they require support.
The solution is unique in its ability to deliver an open platform with a ‘secure locked-down’ payment capability. It is of strategic importance to all businesses as it accepts payment using traditional swipe, smart card and near field communication (NFC) technologies. Innovative android applications can be developed to support dynamic business requirements. These along with new digital services will enhance the buying process. However, the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle is linking the new dynamics of social media, information infrastructure, brand, offers, loyalty and assisted selling with a simple consumer payment at the point of sale – wherever that may be.

The new mobile solution concept was presented in Australia. The solution is expected to be available next year.
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