Combi Gateway

E*LDS Combi Gateway (Photo: Eckelmann AG)

Comfortable interface to E*LDS: CAN-Bus to LAN, XML or optional Modbus-TCP.

Wiesbaden, October 9, 2013: Eckelmann AG has extended its E*LDS product range with a Combi Gateway. It combines the CAN bus with LAN and is equipped with an integrated XML interface for the standardised and platform-independent data exchange. It facilitates a rapid CAN bus connection (ca. 250 kbit) with the CI 3000 store computer (version 5.07 and higher). The gateway serves as an interface for accessing and configuring the E*LDS system. The integrated web frontend, which can be called up via a web browser, also facilitates comfortable remote access (without hyperterminal), providing an overview of all the field devices in the E*LDS system, displaying their current measured values.

The IP configuration of the Combi Gateway can be simply transferred using a USB stick, i.e. installers without any network expertise can easily put it into operation with a pre-prepared configuration. The Combi Gateway can also be used as an optional Modbus TCP gateway. This requires a licence key. The E*LDS Combi Gateway replaces the previous LAN Gateway with a device with more functions and greater operating comfort.

Further information (PDF):