Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH

Clean, efficient and secure – Bosch provides video system to ease the traffic at Can Tho Bridge in Vietnam

Video surveillance by Bosch ensures smooth traffic flow at the Can Tho Toll Bridge, one of Vietnam’s most important transportation links. A comprehensive monitoring system allows toll charges to be paid through automatic bank payments and guarantees efficient and safe operations even at peak times.

Spanning 2.75 kilometers, Can Tho Toll Bridge is Southeast Asia’s longest suspension bridge. It was built to improve vehicle movement between Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta region. To ensure a continuous flow of traffic, a system to allow drivers to pay their toll electronically and without stopping at the booth was crucial. Bosch Security Systems was asked to provide a comprehensive solution, which supports a steady flow of traffic even at rush hours.

The technology and service provider installed a highly reliable video surveillance system which identifies and registers every vehicle passing through. In order to enable supervisors to quickly react on any incident, all recorded images are relayed to the control room, where they are shown on a video wall.

In total, the solution provided by Bosch and third party systems cover the lanes, center operators, accounting systems, surveillance camera systems, number plate recognition and vehicle systems.

“The new system provides a professional, yet cost-effective solution com-pared to common devices”, explains Terence Ng, General Manager, Bosch Security Systems Indochina. “We paid attention to keeping the operation simple and flexible via a PC platform and public communications network. Known for our commitment to quality, we ensure accurate and continuous performance of all installed products at all times”.

With the new system implemented, the Can Tho Bridge significantly contributes to the reduction of road traffic congestion in the Mekong River Delta, saving time and fuel. The intelligent technology brings optimum convenience to all service users and promotes non-cash payment in Vietnam.