City of Light

The D’art Design Gruppe from Neuss (Germany) created the fair appearance for Philips Consumer Lighting at the 26th Euroluce in Milano. The specialist for spatial communication developed a City of Light on 880 sqm. Houses structured the different topics of the company architectonically and in terms of content and thus visualized the leitmotif "See what light can do for your home". With the appearance of different housing situations the topic life and living was highlighted with light.

The fair appearance presents the whole range of solutions by Philips for the home lighting with overall 14 houses that are structured according to their contents. The line of houses surrounds the stand area and serves the visitor as an invisible path. In the centre of the stand the houses form a piazza for the relaxed exchange between trade visitors. All in all twelve topic areas like "My Home Office", "Arcitone" oder "Ledino" are presented in the separate spaces.

Single topics like "Lirio" are presented in two houses that are connected. Thus the link in terms of content is spatially visible.
Windows in houses function as name plates and unclose the thematic content of every single house with a campaign image, a logo and the colouring. The houses' interior architecture underlines the contents with the design: "Ecomoods“ emphasizes its contents with soft shapes adding to the green colouring and glazed wood. The area "My Bathroom" shows its functionality, lines like "Lirio" or "Arcitone" captivate through their design affinity, straight design and reduced shapes in terms of colour. The presentation of the outdoor lighting finds an authentic platform in inner courtyards that are planted with real trees. The fair design creates accents with the staggered positioning of the houses: With its house facade Philips Consumer Lighting stands out from the conventional fair design in orthogonal arrangement.