TEKO Gesellschaft für Kältetechnik mbH

Chillers. Now available in the TEKO product range.

RANSTA series for propane applications.

With immediate effect, we can supply you with chillers for process cooling, climate control and industrial refrigeration using different refrigerants. We can also offer you the RANSTA series with propane as a natural refrigerant as a sustainable and environmentally-friendly solution for these applications.

Capacitie ranges.
Climate control: 8…970 kW (12/7 °C)
Process cooling: 10…1.180 kW (20/15 °C)
Medium temperature: 7…150 kW (-4/-8)
Low temperature: 3,5…64 (-23/-25 °C)
The air-cooled chillers are available in different designs according to your wishes and requirements. Standard or noise-reduced variants, integrated or external pump systems, optional heat recovery, Wurm control electronics and EC fans.

Upon their completion, all systems, also the propane systems, are tested for their tightness, compressive strength and functionality during a test run. The high-quality production run and minimised fittings allow for a long service life.