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Checkpoint Systems wins prestigious industry award with Nano Gate™

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Checkpoint Systems, a global leader in high-theft solutions has been honoured with a prestigious industry award by readers of the German publication, Handelsjournal.

Checkpoint scooped the “Best Retail Product” award in the economic efficiency category for its Alpha Nano Gate antenna, a small gate that offers big protection against theft. The award celebrates the industry’s most inventive products and services designed to help retailers increase sales, improve profitability and enhance operations.

Nano Gate is an innovative, small security antenna, which can be easily installed in retail stores, in “unprotected zones” where thieves tend to hide or attempt to remove security devices. Nano Gate works together with Checkpoint’s Alpha® 3 Alarm™ technology products, extending their reach and enhancing their value, while serving as a comprehensive security solution.

Wolfgang Meltzner, store manager of A.T.U in Cologne-Mülheim, who has used Nano Gate in his outlets, commented: “When high-priced motor oils and tools began to disappear from our shelves, we decided to do something about it. We began using Nano Gate in our stores together with matching Alpha components. From the first day, we not only noticed the deterrent aspect, we also saw a decrease in shoplifting, which is what we hoped for.”

Commenting on the award win, Kai Beilenhoff, Vice President for Alpha Europe at Checkpoint Systems, added: “Nano Gate offers an innovative and easy-to-implement solution for securing high-theft products. It has already paid dividends for many retailers around the globe and we’re delighted to have won this award. Our nomination reaffirms that Checkpoint is meeting the retail industry’s requirements for robust anti-theft solutions.”

Available since early 2011, Nano Gate has an aesthically pleasing design and is simple to install. Nano Gate triggers Alpha’s 3 Alarm technology, preventing thieves from taking retailers’ high-risk merchandise into restrooms, emergency exits, elevators, fitting rooms, or similar unprotected areas within their stores. Merchandise protected with 3 Alarm technology alerts retail staff when products are being tampered with in-store. It activates an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) alarm when unpaid merchandise leaves a store and starts a continuous alarming for five minutes when stolen merchandise has left the store. Most thieves end up dropping the stolen merchandise and running away.

Nano Gate is particularly suitable for small retailers who do not have a traditional EAS system installed but still want to protect their high-theft items. It enables store operators to maintain an attractive, consumer-oriented shopping environment while ensuring that merchandise is kept secure. For large retail stores using EAS, Nano Gate provides additional security to prevent goods from being readily moved from proposed sale areas into other sections of the store.