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Checkout-scale systems for the finest Swiss chocolate: Confiserie Sprüngli improves sales analysis

The checkout-scale systems from METTLER TOLEDO's UC Evo Line contribute to an indulgent shopping experience at Confiserie Sprüngli

Gießen, 11. December 2013 – The Swiss confectioner Confiserie Sprüngli headquartered in Zürich has rolled out integrated checkout-scale systems from METTLER TOLEDO's UC Evo Line in all of its stores. The PC-based weighing technology delivers convincing performance when weighing day-fresh delights such as pralines, truffles and the company's trademarked speciality, 'Luxemburgerli', and contributes to a pleasurable and indulgent shopping experience.

Following the roll-out, Confiserie Sprüngli now uses the same devices in all 20 of its stores. This facilitates easier staff rotation and simplifies maintenance processes. Furthermore, the PC-based checkout-scale system enables more detailed, item-specific sales analysis. In total, Confiserie Sprüngli currently has more than 80 UC-HT-M and UC-HT-S scales in operation. In the family-owned company's flagship store alone, which is steeped in tradition and situated at Paradeplatz in Zürich, no less than 15 checkout-scale systems ensure a smooth-running sales process and short queues. "Thanks to such thorough preparation, the actual roll-out went without a hitch," recalls Edy Neininger, Head of IT at Confiserie Sprüngli. "In stores with four or five devices, it only took around one hour to switch from the old system to the new one."

Praline-specific analysis

One of Confiserie Sprüngli's main aims with the new checkout-scale systems was to perform more accurate analysis and gain greater insights into sales figures. Previously, items with the same price were grouped together in a single price class, making it difficult to identify them individually. Now, thanks to the touchscreen operating concept of the UC Evo Line, sales of each specific item can be recorded with a minimum of extra effort, supported by intuitive shortcut keys depicting images of each item. Pre-packed products such as gift packs are scanned accurately and in a matter of seconds using the handheld scanner. This means that managers at company headquarters can access precise sales figures every evening for up to 2,000 different products. METTLER TOLEDO's scale management software MTWS 32, available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is used to collate the sales data.

Scale contributes to the shopping experience

The payment solution reflects Confiserie Sprüngli's international status: customers can pay in a choice of five currencies – the Swiss franc, euro, dollar, pound sterling or yen. This is made possible by the flexible checkout software provided with the UC Evo Line. The percentage of turnover generated by items that are sold loose varies from one store to another. "Our sales outlets at airports and railway stations tend to sell mainly pre-packed items, whereas shoppers in our city-center stores have more time to spend and enjoy being able to choose their own pralines from the display," explains Edy Neininger from Confiserie Sprüngli. "Selling goods by weight is an important process model for us in order to offer our customers specialities that are freshly made every day – and that is also an essential part of the shopping experience."

Open for new concepts

In the color option black, the UC Evo Line scales are a stylish addition to the overall in-store ambience. Moreover, by choosing a scale system with open PC architecture, Confiserie Sprüngli is assured of the ability to make adjustments and execute new marketing concepts at any time. The team is currently working on a loyalty card as a way of offering even better service.

METTLER TOLEDO at EuroShop 2014

METTLER TOLEDO will provide information about individually tailored solutions for the high-growth focus zone of delicatessen and speciality at EuroShop 2014 in Düsseldorf (16-20 February, Hall 6, Stand E75). In addition, METTLER TOLEDO will present products and processes for the focus zones of fresh produce, service counter, bakery, backroom and checkout. For more information about the company's activities at the event, see