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Ceremonial handover of Germany's first citizens terminals with video function

presentation citizens terminal Neustadt

At 14.10 the first citizen kiosk of the State Saxony was put into operation in Neustadt. The formal presentation was made by Mr Justice Minister Jürgen Martens (FDP) to the mayor of Neustadt (Saxony ) Manfred Elsner .

Through the video interface and the remote control of scanners, printers , etc developed by eKiosk it is the first citizens terminal in Germany with these features and extends the eGouvernment landscape in Germany as an example. Minister in Justice Minister Jürgen Martens ( FDP) sees this project as a major project at the European level to support local communities.

The Citizens terminal will be used in the future as a branch of the county Saxon Switzerland .

So applications can be filled out and printed. Via video phone the Citizens are connected to an employee in the district headquarters in Pirna.

The device and 13 more in Saxony are tested for two years , and when the civil terminal is accepted by the population , is a major rollout.