Centiva’s Environmental Views Encourage Local Action

Renews its Support for Shoals Earth Month

Centiva announced its renewed sponsorship of Shoals Earth Month Inc., a group that raises environmental awareness with a number of programs throughout the year. Thomas Trissl, Centiva’s president, spoke at the group’s Green Tie Gala, an event that raises funds to support Shoals Earth Month’s operations. “I was honored to be asked to speak to the group about our company’s efforts and investments in green initiatives,” remarked Trissl. “We are proud to manufacture product in the U.S. which is one of the most environmentally friendly decisions a company can make and also which provides jobs here at home. Sales of our domestically made products increase year after year.”

The Green Tie Gala provides a venue where sound environmental policies can be celebrated and funds can be raised to encourage others to adopt similar practices. “Going green is something that needs to be a part of all of our endeavors,” said Nancy Muse, president of Shoals Earth Month, Inc. “It needs to permeate our everyday lives in the workplace, at school, and at home.” In addition to Thomas Trissl, Judy Hood of International Paper spoke at the Gala regarding her company’s sustainability programs.

Centiva codified its environmental policies in The Centiva Green Way® platform. The Company continues to increase the amount of recycled content within its products while maintaining the same quality Centiva is known for. Centiva’s Green Way initiative is a holistic approach to green stewardship, production, sustainability, and reclamation.