Cefla Arredamenti Group

Cefla Arredamenti Group presents its highly innovative new products at Euroshop (Hall15- Stand E32)

Some exciting new products will be unveiled by Cefla Arredamenti Group
at its Euroshop stand (Hall15- Stand E32).
The Imola Group’s research and investment into innovation have produced particularly impressive results in digital signage and checkout area.

Imola 13 January 2011. Cefla Arredamenti Group’s presence at Düsseldorf is expected to be particularly important as it will focus on new products, as well as the new company structure.

A dynamic programme of events will also offer the press and industry insiders an opportunity to find out about the new products in more detail and to explore, with the help of qualified professionals, upcoming retail trends and the most recent concepts in checkout ergonomics.

The event programme, which includes presentations and demonstrations at 11 am and 3 pm each day, also features:
on Feb. 26th at 4.30 pm and Feb. 28th at 11.30 am, press conferences to announce the new Cefla Arredamenti Group company structure;
on March 1st at 11.30 am, a talk by Andreas Sicklinger on “Checkout Ergonomics”;
on March 1st at 3.30 pm, a talk by Fabrizio Valente on “Retail Innovations: trends and cases”

Three new arrivals in the checkout area: Cefla combines design and reliability

Cefla is known for its reliable checkout solutions. The three models on display have been developed as ergonomic work stations as well as communication tools. They represent the full range of solutions offered by the new Avantgarde line, which can satisfy your every need.

The most eagerly awaited product from Cefla Arredamenti Group in the checkout area is undoubtedly Transformer, the innovative hybrid checkout, which can be used as a self or manned checkout, the first of its kind on the market.
Flexibility is the key word for this solution, from decorative elements to software, integration and assistance.
Created as part of the Avantgarde line, Transformer aims to maintain the functionality of the traditional checkout as well as productivity, being ergonomic and functional in the self mode and able to manage both trolley and basket shopping.
In short: Transformer can be used in the self mode when the customer flow does not justify opening an additional traditional checkout, or employed in the manned mode when the customer flow or desired level of service requires another traditional checkout to be opened.

Transformer combines technology and functionality making the self version more user-friendly and suited to the characteristics of the retail point.

Transformer embodies Cefla’s goal “to be the benchmark in retail solutions”.
Single Avantgarde and Twin Avantgarde

The Avantgarde line also includes two more, highly innovative manned checkout alternatives: Single Avantgarde and Twin Avantgarde, which, despite their different forms share a thoroughly ergonomic approach and the original “Basin Disc”, a patented device which replaces the roller table and belt systems. Using a rotating movement, the disc ensures faster movement of goods from the central area to the bottom of the basin and better working ergonomics for the cashier.
New to the Digital Signage area: Cefla improves retail point communications

Following the same philosophy as for its checkouts, Cefla offers shopfitting solutions which are themselves communications tools.
The perfect integration of digital signage technology in the shopfitting and various shelving configurations defines a more attractive, polished environment and offers a more stimulating perceptive experience combining a multi-sensory physical response.

High performance screens with variable inclinations, cables, wi-fi connections and software for synchronizing and updating information integrate perfectly with the shelving, which offers not only functionality through solidity, modularity, its wide range and fast assembly, but now also includes cutting edge technology for customer communications.