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Carrier Announces the 100th CO2OLtec® Integral System Installation in a SPAR Store in Switzerland

Spar store, Schüpfen, Switzerland

SCHÜPFEN, Switzerland, Oct. 2, 2013 – Carrier Kältetechnik Schweiz has achieved a significant milestone with the installation of its 100th CO2OLtec® Integral system in the Swiss SPAR supermarket in Schüpfen, which opened its doors in June 2013. Carrier’s CO2OLtec Integral system, which uses the natural refrigerant CO2, provides a fully integrated approach for the store’s refrigeration, space heating and cooling, ventilation and lighting needs. With this solution, the supermarket expects to achieve measurable gains in increasing energy efficiency, cutting its carbon footprint in half, and streamlining its operations with a single point of contact for purchasing, installation and service. Carrier, the world’s leader in high technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions, is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

The CO2OLtec Integral system leverages the waste heat created during the refrigeration process to cover the full heating requirements of the entire store, all year round, thus eliminating the need for a conventional gas heating system. During warm months, it provides cooling to ensure a pleasant shopping and working environment, and for even greater comfort, the cold air in front of refrigerated cabinets is drawn out and redistributed via the ventilation system.

The performance of this fully integrated concept is orchestrated by Carrier’s intelligent building management system, which controls the interactions among the various components of the commercial refrigeration, heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting systems, to achieve optimal levels of energy efficiency.

Mr. Elias Steiner, Head of Construction Department and Facility Management, SPAR Gruppe Schweiz, said, “The fully integrated planning and execution of the entire building services together with commercial refrigeration make clear sense, because commercial refrigeration in a supermarket is proportionally the largest refrigeration system, the largest waste heat generator and the largest energy consumer. The concept of bringing these all ‘under one roof’ and optimally harmonising the controls is a future-proof idea.”

Philippe Widemann, Managing Director, Carrier Kältetechnik Schweiz, stated, “With increasing market acceptance of our fully integrated solution for supermarkets, Carrier is pleased to count SPAR’s Schüpfen store as our 100th CO2OLtec Integral customer. Our customer can now take advantage of demonstrated energy cost savings of up to 30 percent over the system’s lifecycle, along with the future-proof security that comes with using CO2 as a refrigerant.”

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Carrier is the world’s leading provider of advanced technical solutions for heating, air conditioning and refrigeration engineering. Carrier offers sustainable solutions for energy-efficient products, building control engineering and energy services in the areas of residential buildings, commercial refrigeration, transport and food retailing. Founded by the inventor of modern climate technology, Carrier achieves, through technical innovation and ecological responsibility, a valuable contribution to the preservation of our environment. Carrier is part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a business division of United Technologies Corp. UTC is the world’s leading provider in the areas of aerospace industries and building services engineering. Visit “”, for more information.

About SPAR Gruppe Schweiz

The SPAR Group is a Swiss family business based in Gossau SG. In 1989 the business acquired the SPAR license for the whole of Switzerland from SPAR International. 170 EUROSPAR supermarkets, SPAR convenience stores and SPAR express convenience stores along with eleven TopCC cash-and-carry stores for large-scale consumers belong to the SPAR Group. A third of the SPAR convenience stores are separate branches, the other two thirds are led by independent retailers as part of the franchising system. Independent maxi/// and further free retailers are likewise supplied by SPAR. The SPAR Group employs 2156 full-time employees – 308 of whom are trainees. In 2012 a turnover of 1,041 million Swiss francs was generated. SPAR provides grocery supermarkets, a large range of fresh products and friendly and proficient personnel to the neighbourhood.

SPAR International has its head office in the Netherlands. SPAR provides a licensing system in 36 countries. SPAR is thus the largest voluntary chain of retail stores with around 12,000 supermarkets and a total turnover of 31 billion euros. “SPAR” means “Tanne” in Dutch and was founded in Holland in 1932.