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CaddyCheck : detection of stolen goods in a caddy


CaddyCheck: The smartest way to recover lost sales at the checkout

Consumers habitually leave goods valued at some 5.000€ per checkout per year under or behind shopping carts that go unpaid at the Point Of Sale!

CaddyCheck alerts cashiers to the presence of more than 95% of these items.

Traditional detection systems fall victim to cashier complacency (mirrors, video screens, lenses,etc. CaddyCheck deliveres an alarm to the till operator only when an object is present, dramatically improving staff compliance.

CaddyCheck delivers real time visibility of incidents by checkout and store. Every detection event has a time and date stamp linked to a video capture image that details the products detected to enable the identification of hot checkouts, categories and even suspicious checkout operator statistics.

CaddyCheck has recently completed full commercial field trials and is already operational in 4 major retail chains.

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