Caddie Wind

With WIND, Caddie takes a new look at convenience

Particularly well-adapted to new purchasing habits such as self-scanning, WIND was specially created to add comfort and save precious time during a visit to the supermarket. Designed to carry personal shopping bags, it simplifies the pre-sorting of items and reduces maneuvering at the checkout counter. After checkout, it facilitates loading and provides real comfort from the parking lot all the way to the kitchen!

“Just like going to the market!”

The French love to go to market. It’s their third-favorite distribution circuit.* Synonymous with authenticity and freedom, this preference reflects the evolution of consumer behavior toward a more responsible approach, a search for high-quality products and the notion of service. Caddie has chosen to join this trend with the WIND concept, a solution for today for easier shopping from market to home!

Easier purchasing for today’s customers

Particularly well adapted to


For customers looking for a quick checkout, self-scanning is a real boon. For this procedure, WIND reveals its full potential. Once items have been scanned, they are immediately sorted into the corresponding bags (fresh produce, canned goods, other groceries, etc.). Purchases can be paid for at the checkout counter without having to unload the contents, representing optimal organization and a notable savings in time!

WIND offers the possibility of placing personal shopping bags (three for the medium version and five for the large version) in an open position inside the Caddie to better organize and sort purchases as they are made and save significant time at checkout. On the parking lot, ergonomic side removal of bags makes it easy to transfer purchases to the car trunk. Once in the kitchen, vegetables and fresh produce are available immediately for meals, just like they are when returning from the market.

Streamlined design and reinforced ease of handling

In addition to a very compact design based on modernity and distinction, WIND proposes a series of intuitive, easy-to-use features for enjoyable handling, and the cart is just the right size for store aisles. Its four pivoting wheels and unique side maneuverability are as surprising as they are pleasant. The ergonomically designed handle also makes it easier to control the cart.

For a quick trip to the store or weekly shopping, WIND meets all needs with variable features: a rear support for voluminous items (up to twenty additional liters), an optimized lower rack for transporting large items, a beverage pack holder on the front for 6 x 2 liters (12 additional liters) and a multifunctional infant seat which can also be used as a compartment for sorting and for protecting fragile items.

Communication with impact

Recyclable and washable, the WIND shopping bags come in numerous exclusive designs promoting responsible consumption and adding value to the store’s image. In addition, they are particularly sturdy (holding up to 30 kg) because of their woven polypropylene fabric and exclusive attachment system.

The open design of WIND is another advantage. It offers large surfaces on the shopping bags which can be personalized to decorate the cart, adding a new dimension to self-service communication. In this way, WIND participates in point of sale animation and reminds customers of the brand all the way to their homes. Finally, in addition to a logo personalization option, Caddie can create exclusive designs upon request.