The New Caddie Lines

For resolutely free and positive shopping!

Setting world standards since 1957, the French brand Caddie relies on its expertise as a specialist in self-service carts to provide optimal support for customers on their shopping trips. Caddie products are a recognized tool for creating loyalty and impact and enable stores to stand out by functioning as a highly effective vector of communication through the many ways they can be personalized.

Since being acquired a year ago by Altia Group, Caddie has deployed an ambitious market-conquering strategy and is now positioned as a Smart Solution(s) Provider. The brand supplies stores with solutions covering the entire customer itinerary, from parking lot to home, by way of the sales area. Caddie incorporates their specificities and identity through equipment which has been adapted to their needs and focuses on the consumer. Always attentive to customer requirements, the company called on an outside agency* to carry out a consumer study which enabled more fully understanding customer purchasing habits and their expectations concerning shopping carts.

Caddie’s ability to innovate, which currently drives company growth, combined with the industrial performance of Altia Group, has led to the development of new markets (hotel industry, health, airports, etc.), both in France and internationally.

Today, this iconic and legendary brand proposes three new shopping carts for the retailing industry, each of which responds to a clearly identified consumer need:

CADDIE&MOTION: freedom! This innovative hybrid concept is in tune with the times and makes shopping easier while highlighting the store.

ERGODRIVE: adaptability! This cart can be adapted in many ways for greater comfort and less noise.

CaddieWIND: convenience! The pleasure of purchasing now lasts all the way to the customer’s doorstep.

Featuring reliability, silent operation, practicality and an eco-design, these new Caddie models are outstanding in many ways and provide a new type of shopping experience, in line with consumer trends and user expectations. Caddie has become a veritable key to customer satisfaction!

*Consumer Study – Zed Marketing Research / Caddie / Ethno 25/03/2013CADDIE&MOTION: a purchasing experience in harmony with today’s needs

Liberate the shopping experience and highlight the store: these are the two main goals behind the design of the brand-new CADDIE&MOTION cart. Following the tradition of the brand’s greatest designs, this unusual hybrid concept offers a long-awaited alternative to current solutions. A novel, streamlined design, record maneuverability, a recyclable structure, ideal dimensions and built-in handles are just a few of the remarkable features of this Caddie. It’s revolutionary in many different ways!

CADDIE&MOTION: an invitation to share the Caddie legend

Faithful to the original icon created in 1957, the new CADDIE&MOTION cart represents both a natural and more modern evolution. Its innovative design is based on the brand that built the company’s reputation.

Generously curved, elegant and dynamic lines sculpt the CADDIE&MOTION identity. This strong signature serves the user and highlights the store through an original and differentiating style.

Hy Motion: innovative hybrid technology

For the CADDIE&MOTION model, the brand took its inspiration from the automotive industry by creating Hy Motion. This hybrid technology guarantees unequaled handling and improved cleanliness, with a basket bottom made of coated steel mesh attached to recyclable plastic walls. This provides greater comfort and ensures sustainable development, a combination which will win over new users and add value to stores which have adopted the model.

An eco-friendly Hy Motion innovation!

Made by a French industry which respects the environment, CADDIE&MOTION is the result of a careful selection of materials. The polypropylene plastic used for the sides can be recycled – and in the case of the RAL 7016 gray reference, it has already been recycled – thereby offering optimal environmental performance and responsible consumption. It is also Eco-labeled, representing a Caddie exclusivity and a commitment to sustainable equipment.

Combined with steel, an infinitely recyclable material, this plastic guarantees sustainable performance based on an environmentally friendly approach.

A cart to free the shopping experience

The CADDIE&MOTION “smart cart” adapts to purchasing behavior for easy, constraint-free shopping. The front and side handles are harmoniously built into the top of the basket to facilitate steering. Their warm feel gives a pleasant impression to the user.

Since the end gate holes and composite shoes, which are built-in standard features, are covered with a colored Caddiroc® coating, they eliminate metal-on-metal contact and make CADDIE&MOTION a reference in terms of silent operation.

These advantages create an atmosphere of calm which encourages impulse buying and enables taking advantage of unplanned-for special offers for better control of the family budget.

Ergonomic and flexible: the made-to-measure Caddie

Versions 220L and 240L, CADDIE&MOTION stand out for their ideally dimensioned baskets, which have been completely redesigned to improve ergonomics and reinforce shopping comfort. They facilitate unloading and loading merchandise at the checkout counter and in the parking lot.

They also offer maximum visibility while shopping and at the checkout counter. Featuring a multifunctional end gate able to hold ten liters (for seating a child or separating delicate products), as well as a special twenty-liter holder for beverage packs, these models facilitate the shopping experience.

The 160L version is designed for more urban stores. This version is designed for greater modularity through accessories that provide an additional purchase volume of 60L: the crate support and the lower grid accommodate bottle crates.

Spotlight on the store

CADDIE&MOTION can be configured in a number of ways. The basket can be harmonized with the handle and is available in red, blue or gray to complement store colors. The base and beverage holder can be personalized with a Caddiroc® coating. This positions the cart as an ambassador to the store and its visual identity, thereby encouraging customer loyalty. As a key factor in the customer relationship, CADDIE&MOTION contributes to the perception of a more conscientious and socially aware image of major retailing through the use of fully recyclable materials.