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Caddie releases the Caddie FRESH insulated bag and reinvents local shopping

Caddie has been setting global standards since 1957, supporting changingconsumer behaviours with the WIND cart, which is now available with a Caddie FRESH insulated bag, to make the shopping experience even more similar to one at a street market.

Caddie FRESH: an environmentally responsible and convenient solution that keeps food items cold from the point of sale to the home

Caddie FRESH is insulated and hermetically sealed thanks to its zip closure system, keeping food cold during the journey from the point of purchase to the home. It thus keeps the shopping fresh and tasty.

Like all WIND bags, Caddie FRESH is easy to fill, handle and carry, and is easily inserted in a conventional WIND bag. The shopping experience with Caddie FRESH is thus synonymous with convenience, hygiene and food safety.

This is the only insulated bag with backpack straps, allowing it to be carried in the hand, on the back or across the body. It gives the user freedom of movement, while accompanying them throughout the shopping experience.

The closing/opening loops make it easier to change the position of the bag between the buyer and the cart. Its different positions and compact size make it easy to transport, and it can be used regardless of the mode of transport preferred by the user (on foot, on a bicycle or by car).

The strong and reusable Caddie FRESH bag is designed to last, contributing to responsible consumption that is more environmentally friendly. With reinforced seams, the insulated bag can carry up to 10kg.

WIND M cart: a new solution for carrying goods in self-service stores, from the point of sale to the home

A survey carried out in 2013 showed that traditional markets are the third favourite distribution circuit of the people in France*. That consumer behaviour is the reflection of a search for authenticity and freedom by consumers, which is part of a greater awareness of responsibility, and also a keener concern for the quality of products and service.

Caddie supports those consumer trends with WIND, and allows retailing chains to address the new need for a market-type shopping experience.

The WIND M cart has been designed especially for carrying two personal reusable bags. The cart is particularly suited to self-scanning and is resolutely modern, providing convenience and time saving by organising the shopping as it is put in, and making checking out easier.

WIND is now offered with its conventional bag and its Caddie FRESH insulated bag, making the market-type shopping experience easier now.

(*) Study by Promise Consulting/Huffington Post, 2013

About Caddie

Caddie has been a leading supplier to retailers, airports, hotels, hospitals, organisations and industry since 1928, and sells its carts and wire equipment in over 130 countries through 7 distribution subsidiaries; the trademark is registered in over 75 countries. The company is from Alsace in France and has a production plant (in Drusenheim, France) covering nearly 65,000 square metres; from its inception, it has continuously innovated and developed its overseas business. In May 2012, the Caddie group was taken over by Altia Group. Caddie has given the Altia group a fifth division specialised in equipment for supermarkets and organisations. Main customers: Accor, Hilton, Marriott, Le Méridien, Hyatt, Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Tesco, Auchan, Woolworths, Alshaya, Leclerc, Intermarché, Mercadona, Cora, Reliance, Future Group, Spar, Lotus, etc. In 2012, the turnover of the company was € 60 million.

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