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Mobile Cash Register with EC-Card Reader and Inte-grated Printer for Quick and Comfortable Payments

Munich-based company CONCEPT International GmbH, a specialist for mobile IT solutions without fans, extends its portfolio by a mobile cash register solution with inte-grated printer and EC-card reader, enabling quicker payments at points of sale and increasing customer satisfaction.

This comprehensive solution replaces complete cash registers and saves expensive retail space. This omits long waiting times in line and unnecessary legwork. You also save cashiers and can boost your sales by immediately responding to spontaneous purchase decisions.

Not much bigger than a cell phone, the mobile STM-7700 offers the complete scope of ser-vices of stationary cash registers. Once a customer decides to purchase a product, the pur-chase can be immediately recorded using the scanner. The customer pays directly to the employee - cashless via EC-card or direct debit. Thanks to the integrated printer, the sales receipt is immediately issued to the customer as well. Beyond that, faster sales support in-cluding price information, inventory and detailed product tips, is available.

Its 3.5“ / 8.9 cm display can be read in sunlight and offers a resolution of 240 x 320 (QVGA) image pixels. Due to its resistive touch screen, it can be operated by finger or using the sty-lus integrated into the housing. A 1D (optionally 2D) barcode scanner and a 2-megapixel camera are available for smooth and error-free data entry. The network connection is imple-mented via a secured radio network (WLAN). For satellite-supported communication a GPRS/EDGE module is integrated as option.

For secure payment processing, a 3-track (bidirectional) magnetic card reader and an EC- chip card reader (4 SAM slots, EMC I & II) are integrated in the standard version.

Further technical features are a 800 MHz fast Samsung processor with 128 MB main mem-ory and 512 MB FlashROM read-only memory. Windows Mobile 6.5 is used as operating system ensuring the smooth implementation in ERP and accounting systems.
The attractive and sophisticated design was honored with the renowned iF Design Award in the worldwide largest design contest.
The STM-7700 in its base version with fast Samsung 800 MHz processor, integrated printer and EC-card reader is offered for 1,195 €, VAT not included. Available now.

CONCEPT International is looking for sales partners in the area of cash register solutions, interested in developing new sales opportunities.