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CONAD supermarket, San Lazzaro (Bologna): Illuminated with LEDs over the whole area

© Filippo Molena, Padua

For the CONAD supermarket chain, Ansorg implemented an innovative lighting concept based mainly on LED solutions.

Top food quality and a relaxed shopping experience – that is what CONAD promises its customers and the appropriate lighting contributes an important share to that. In the new supermarket in San Lazzaro near Bologna, for the first time the lighting designers have put their trust in LED luminaires from Ansorg across the entire area. Only in the information and cash desk areas are the Maxx Glassico decorative, suspended luminaires and the Linea recessed downlights used which are based on HIT technology.

The food range in the supermarket is provided with accentuated illumination by the Take LED luminaire in almost all areas; additional ambient lighting is not necessary. The Cardo recessed LED spotlight sets the scene at the fresh food counters. These spotlights each work with a 3,000 lumen package and a warm white light colour temperature of 3000 Kelvin. With this innovative project, CONAD and Ansorg show that whole-area LED lighting in supermarkets makes sense since it is not only extremely attractive, but also energy-efficient to the highest degree.

Project box:

CONAD Supermercati, Bologna

CONAD, San Lazzaro (Bologna)

Sales area:
750 square metres

Power consumption:
20.0 W / square metre

September 2011

Lighting design:
CONAD Supermercati, Bologna

Take, Cardo, Maxx Glassico, Linea