CLS REVO Series - Fixtures for all applications

Good lighting is essential for our health. Large groups of people experience the long winter as unpleasant, as daily periods of light are relatively short. Spring is an inspiring experience, because the greyness changes slowly due to the blossoming of nature, leading to more light and colour in our daily lives.

CLS makes the winter more bearable by offering the REVO Series. This serie has a wide variety which contains a fixture for all wants and needs. From dimmable retail lighting to stunning outdoor lighting, and from compact gallery applications to unique inground fixtures; The REVO does an outstanding job in every environment it is applied to!

The wide range of the succesful REVO Series contains these variants:
- REVO Basic
- REVO Compact Basic
- REVO Retail
- REVO Compact Retail
- REVO Modular
- REVO Colour Flow
- REVO Gallery
- REVO Inground
- REVO Compact Inground

All of the fixtures can be configurated to anticipate the wants and needs of the customer, this can easily be done at the CLS website by use of the Fixture Configurator. If you’re interested in the specifications of the REVO visit our website. Visit us at