Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH

CINEO technology provides closed cash cycle at POCO-Domäne

At the POCO store in Hanover-Hainholz, CINEO technology from Wincor Nixdorf provides a closed cash cycle – from the POS workstation to the Prosegur cash center.

Together with POCO-Domäne and Prosegur, Wincor Nixdorf has now launched the pilot project "Retail cassette logistics". That means that a CiT company is handling cash for the first time for a German retail company directly in CINEO cassettes. The Wincor Nixdorf note storage unit is hence also part of the logistics chain of a CiT company as part of a pilot project. Through this step, Wincor Nixdorf is continuing to drive forward the integration of its technology in the cash supply chain.

Cash paid by customers is stored safely in cassettes and transport media and can be consolidated later in the cash office in the automated CINEO teller safe. Automation of the process dispenses with manual counting and double-checking of takings in cash drawers, as well as manual posting of the cash and preparation of the cash drawer. In the teller safe, the bank notes are separated according to their value and consolidated in CINEO cassettes, which are transported by the CiT company Prosegur directly to the cash center, where they can be processed. Prosegur has developed a new transport box specially for transporting the CINEO cassettes.

Neither the employees in the markets nor those from the CiT company responsible for the transport come into direct contact with the cash. The solution means security and transparency along the entire process chain. Sebastian Schrader, head of the Organization department at the POCO-Domäne stores is convinced: "This innovative process helps us save time and money. We can also relieve the workload for our employees in cash management."
In addition to the pilot store in Hanover-Hainholz, the furniture discount chain has already converted other stores to the new CINEO technology. As a result, after successful conclusion of the pilot project POCO-Domäne can then roll out the cassette logistics throughout Germany. Thanks to the positive pilot, POCO-Domäne is already planning to include a second store very soon in the cassette logistics process.