Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH

Bosch supports new EASE EVAC acoustic-simulation tool

Fast and easy optimization of voice evacuation speakers

Bosch Security Systems announces that it now supports the new EASE EVAC speaker simulation software, a high-end package developed by Berlin-based AFMG (Ahnert Feistel Media Group), well-known for the acoustical simulation package EASE. This move spells good news for voice evacuation system designers since it will in future ensure even faster verification and optimization of systems based on Bosch EVAC loudspeakers.

EASE EVAC enables all acoustics-related quality parameters to be analyzed, including the most popular: STI (Speech Transmission Index). This can be done for all Bosch ceiling- and wall-mounted speakers, without any limitations. Simulating a 3D room with different types of speakers is also no longer a time- consuming task and can instead be achieved in just a few mouse clicks.

The voice evacuation market is growing dramatically, demanding ever higher standards on sound pressure levels and speech intelligibility. These high standards require advanced design tools for verification and optimization. Bosch supported already several simulation tools in the market such as EASE, Catt-Acoustics and Ulysses. In recent years, however, the demand has grown for a tool that is much simpler and faster to use. This question was partly answered already by AFMG’s EASE Address simulation software which made the basic design of ceiling speaker systems possible in a few minutes. With EASE Evac a full solution is brought to market including ceiling and wall mount speakers .