Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH

Bosch makes its way into one of the most prestigious universities in Thailand

Internationally known and recognized for the high caliber of research and teaching by its faculty, and its outstanding achievements, the well-reputed Mahidol University in Bangkok contains 17 Faculties, 6 Colleges, 7 research Institutes, and 9 Centers. Recently, the university added a new building to its campus consisting of classrooms, seminar rooms, a library, a meeting hall, and an auditorium that accommodates an audience of 200.

The main challenge was to install a total security solution consisting of a professional communication system as well as a comprehensive security system. After discussion among the consultants, designers, and the university management, it was decided that Bosch Security Systems provided the best solution to this challenge. The project was awarded to Bosch based on the quality of its products, as well as the dedicated service provided by Bosch dealers.

Pro Sound and Electro-Voice products were installed in the auditorium and seminar rooms. As the rooms accommodate large audiences, it is essential that the system can project clearly across vast areas. The auditorium was equipped with Bosch professional equipment which could match their standards and meet their requirements to cater for various events. Conference systems were installed in the seminar rooms which fit to the changing demands of either conferences or meetings.

To monitor the ongoing activities of the university and ensure safety of all students and staff, Bosch video systems were installed. CCTV cameras were placed in classrooms, the library entrance and the meeting hall. In addition, to operate all cameras, the Bosch Video Management System was used.

“We are very satisfied with the seamless integrated system provided by Bosch Security Systems”, says Associate Professor Sureeporn Punpuing from Mahidol University Management.