Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH

Bosch: Customized solution for flexible building management


With the latest release of its Building Integration System (BIS), Bosch Security Systems offers improved scalability and third-party integration, efficient video and access integration as well as improved situational awareness.

Combining different building management functions in one platform, the BIS presents a flexible, standardized interface to various sub-systems. This proven solution integrates security-, life safety-, communication-, and building management in one front-end system with a customizable user interface.

Integration benefits

The Building Integration System (BIS) features optimized third-party integration. This includes building management systems with analog sensor values like temperature, power consumption or oxygen levels. Now these can be graphically displayed on the operator client. So for example, by monitoring energy consumption or air quality and temperature, an operator can react appropriately and before a critical situation arises.

Now, with the update to version 3.0, video integration has been further enhanced. It supports any recording solution from Bosch such as DVR 400/600/700, BRS (HD) plus the latest VRM version. At the same time new video devices can be integrated much faster due to frequently updated driver packages. The system can now also act on events triggered by the Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) from Bosch such as automatically initiating an evacuation procedure if an abandoned piece of luggage is detected. Or, if a crowd is forming in front of an emergency exit during a fire alarm, additional exit options could opened.

Similarly, at the user level, many small but effective improvements have been implemented to increase the situational awareness and efficiency of the security operator. These include a much better correlation of alarms and related videos reducing the response time in critical alarm situations and handling large amounts of card holders in the seamlessly integrated Access Engine. Finally, version 3.0 heralds the next BIS generation with an up to date modernized user interface.

“To completely secure and monitor a building, you need a number of functions that have to be interoperable,” explains Holger Maier, Senior Product Manager at Bosch Security Systems. “This is where the BIS comes in. This new version offers a combination of the latest security-, life safety-, communication- and building management solutions on just one platform, plus a customizable user interface and adaptable workflows.”

As reflected by approximately 3,000 installations worldwide, BIS is ideal for medium to large projects, and readily expands in line with the facility under surveillance. It allows a single operator to monitor and control all the security and life safety systems, while enabling faster responses to emergencies and greater overall situational awareness. Furthermore, integrating all these functions additionally frees up staff for other duties who would otherwise only be able to monitor one system at a time.